VR Wrist Pockets: Available Now on the Unity Asset Store

The Problem

Think about being forced to lug things around. That doesn’t bring a fun image to mind. At the very least, it probably doesn’t fit into an enjoyable VR game. Aside from being frustrating, constantly holding onto things needlessly occupies your hands and limits further interaction with the environment.

The Solution

In the physical world, pockets were invented to solve this issue. With that groundbreaking invention in mind, the aim of this asset is to bring pockets to the virtual world, or more specifically, the Unity engine. Get them here!


Heavily inspired by Half Life Alyx and built on the SteamVR plugin, these pockets have much of the same functionality, plus a little extra. On top of supporting scene changes, savegame functionality, and disparate object attachment methods, they also include different appearances, and auto-generate object previews.

Get them here on the cheap!

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