Space Janitor


You’re a janitor on a spaceship

Space Janitor is a free, in-development VR action-adventure game. You’re a janitor working aboard the interstellar luxury cruise ship, Duolith. When the ship’s systems are sabotaged and it is commandeered into the vicinity of a dying supermassive star, you must use your janitorial expertise to escape on the last remaining shuttle before the now-impending supernova obliterates the ship.

With all of your crewmates either dead or missing, you alone must cut a path through the increasingly hostile ship as its automated systems fight you at every step.  On your journey, you’ll explore sprawling, detailed environments, defend yourself from rogue bots, solve physical puzzles, and scavenge for vital supplies – all while applying your extensive maintenance know-how.

Game mechanics

You’ll be equipped with super charged cleaning tools, including an ultra mop, and a powerful vacuum device. What goes up must come down, so mopped up corrosive liquids can be ejected to disastrous (and messy) results, vacuumed objects can likewise be ejected at high velocity. Needless to say, physical interaction with the environment is a pretty core concept here.

If that isn’t enough, you also pick up a plasma pistol, but the odds are stacked against you, so you’re going to need every last piece of equipment you can scavenge.

Beyond your tools, you’ll also be reconnecting wires, replacing power units and reconfiguring maintenance stations.

The odds are stacked against you

All of this effort is to allow you passage to the last shuttle at the far end of the ship, which also happens to be your last hope of escape. Your enemies are closing in, the ship begins to fall apart around you and the star enters its final death throws. Hope grows increasingly distant as curve ball after curve ball is thrown your way – will you be able to escape in time?

Developing this game


The game’s not out yet. Creating it is time consuming, with numerous moving parts that need to come together to ensure a complete and stable final product. This game has been in development since 2020, with all 3D assets and scenes hand crafted and themed specifically for this experience. Needless to say, development cycles take a while – it can take upwards of a month to design a single level.

While there are still at least 6 months of development time necessary before this game can be made available, you can find updates and development logs on my Youtube channel and Patreon page.

Lone Developer

I’m a solo game developer with a passion for world building and creating detailed, interactive VR environments.

This game may be free of charge, but developing it isn’t. VR headsets, associated hardware and expenses aren’t cheap. If you’d like to support my game development, you can do so through my Patreon. Supporting me this way guarantees that I’ll be able to proceed with development.

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